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Notify an Absence

Use the following email or write a note to notify the building of your child's absence within five days of the child's return to school.  You must include the child name, date of absence and reason for the absence.

Good attendance is an essential ingredient for academic success. Any absence from class is detrimental to the learning process. Classroom lessons foster and require social interaction, development of effective communication skills, critical thinking, and subject mastery.  

To achieve educational goals and to maintain a true academic environment, scholars must attend their classes at least the required number of times. Scholars who fail to meet the minimum attendance and coursework requirements are at serious risk for failing the course and receiving no credit.  

The Board of Education, in accordance with New York State Education Law, requires that each minor from age six to the end of the school year in which the scholar turns 16 years of age shall regularly attend school full-time, unless the scholar has completed a four-year high school course of study.  The scholar may attend a school other than a public school or receive home instruction,  provided the instruction is equivalent to that offered in the public schools. 

-Board of Education Attendance Policy 7110

MHS Tips for Great Attendance

  • Encourage your scholar to attend ALL classes and communicate with your scholar's cohort team if attendance is a concern.
  • Monitor your scholar's academic progress and seek assistance from your scholar's cohort team, teacher, counselors, social workers, and/or support staff when necessary. 
  • Make sure teachers know how to contact you. Ensure that contact information is current in the IC Parent Portal. 
  • Stay on top of your scholar's social contacts.
  • Encourage your scholar to join after-school activities including sports, clubs, and intramurals. 
  • Encourage your scholar to stay after school for academic support by participating in the MHS Extended Day Institute. 

Middletown High School

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Middletown, NY 10940
(845) 326-1600

Office hours: 7:30am-3:30pm

Bell Schedule

School day hours: 7:35am-2:20pm

Shortened Session School day hours: 7:35am-11:35pm

Two-hour delay hours: 9:35am-2:20pm

Three-hour delay hours: 10:35am-2:20pm

BOE Attendance Policy 7110

Please download the Board of Education Attendance Policy for review or contact the school at 845-326-1600 to request a copy of the policy. 

Board of Education Attendance Policy 7110